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Our resources are designed to attract, prepare, and support teachers who not only make children happier, but also help them achieve more.


Five Domains of Practice

In order to have a lasting impact, teachers must develop proficiency in five domains of practice. Inspirational teachers know how to create safe and welcoming environments, develop in their students an “I can, I want” attitude about learning, set meaningful and ambitious goals, and effectively manage challenging situations.


On-Demand Modules

We create online resources to support teacher development and make them available free of charge. Content is created with input from faculty experts as well as classroom teachers. Through this collection of multimedia learning experiences, pre-service and in-service teachers learn the skills necessary to help students achieve powerful academic and social outcomes. This collection includes: video modules, exemplar lesson plan banks, and On-Demand Modules.


Attracting Future Teachers

To provide all students with the education they deserve, we must attract individuals committed to the mission of inspiring children. The Sanford Inspire Program Recruitment Toolkit is a suite of resources designed to transform recruiting practices in teacher preparation programs.


Clinical Experience

Development Tools

Clinical experiences play a significant role in the development of a novice teacher. The Sanford Inspire Program has created resources and strategies for maximizing novice teachers’ learning of foundational skills throughout their internship and student teaching experiences.


Mentor Teacher Trainings

Research has shown that mentor teachers have a significant influence on teacher candidates. We can enhance teacher teacher candidate learning during clinical experiences by providing mentor teachers with training which:

  • Explains program requirements
  • Clarifies their responsibilities as mentor teachers
  • Provides strategies for coaching a novice teacher
High Expectations for
Teacher Candidate Performance

Clinical experiences must be structured in ways that give teacher candidates opportunities to practice and demonstrate proficiency in skills they will be expected to execute as classroom teachers. These include:

  • Using data to set meaningful, ambitious goals
  • Developing and implementing an investment plan
  • Monitoring progress and adjusting instruction
  • Reflecting on student and teacher learning

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