Our Mission

We Believe

Each child deserves an inspirational teacher; one who possesses excellent instructional and relationship building skills. We design resources to support teachers in working toward educational equity. That is, developing the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to support the academic and social success of each student.

We partner with K-12 schools and teacher preparation organizations to realize our vision of an inspirational teacher in every classroom.

Teacher Prep

How We Help Teachers

Teachers who utilize our resources will have the foundation needed to maximize student potential. On-Demand Modules accommodate teachers’ busy schedules and provide them with the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of their students.

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How We Help Schools

Our resources make it easy for school leaders to provide differentiated support to teachers. We offer implementation options which can be customized for your setting.

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How We Help Teacher Prep

Recruitment, curriculum, and clinical experience resources help institutions prepare excellent teachers.

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“We are creating interactive learning experiences designed
to increase teachers’ knowledge and skills so they can inspire their
students toward powerful academic and social outcomes.”

Brian Nethero Executive Director, Sanford Inspire Program

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